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I have an unseemly omniscient remark

I have an unseemly omniscient remark

I have an unseemly omniscient remark

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    I have an unseemly omniscient remark
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    Air books
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2022-07-07 10:30:44
Chenjiuchen woke up to find himself in a strange and dangerous game world, and then strange notes popped up in front of his eyes< Br> [there is a ghost faced saber toothed tiger crouching in the bushes of the Central Park ahead. You can learn from Wu Song and swing an iron fist in extreme anger. In this way, you can feed the tiger brother to nine points, indirectly save the next passer-by and become a glorious tiger feeding hero.]< Br> [don't rub your eyes. You're right. There is a level 3 female monster with a big figure crawling on the ceiling. If you don't mind that she has no head and is less happy, you might as well go up and flirt with her.]< Br> [have you seen the monk who sweeps the floor? In fact, he is just a gentle old man. You can grab his broom, put him down, and then... He will bare his arms, show eight abdominal muscles, and reward you with a heritage of 'virtue'.]< Br> [of course, you can also choose to help him clean the yard with a broom, and then get a surprise magic weapon for game clearance.]< Br> [calm down. Although the opposite player is very strong, don't give advice. It's all players who are afraid of who. You just have to go straight and see that the opportunity is one... Plop down on your knees and lick on your knees to recognize the boss. Don't lick at this time, but wait until later.]< Br> "this remark is Nb, but it's a little unorthodox." Chenjiuchen exclaimed< Br> in the alien world of the game, he began to rely on omniscient remarks to rise rapidly and hang up a group of old players and super bosses< Br> (funny, reverse, brain hole, weird, fight.)

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